Friday June 14, 2024

Amy Poehler delights in Hugh Jackman's Australian present : 'He's a prince'

Amy Poehler recalls Chris Hemsworth's 'powerful' presence on SNL

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May 28, 2024
Amy Poehler reminisces on Hugh Jackmans thoughtful gift.
Amy Poehler reminisces on Hugh Jackman's thoughtful gift.

Amy Poehler shared an anecdote about her connection with Hugh Jackman. 

During her recent appearance at the Sydney premiere of Inside Out 2, the American comedian revealed that Jackman holds a special place in her heart due to a surprising gesture he made back in 2001, when they both appeared on Saturday Night Live.

Describing Jackman as "an absolute prince and so talented," Poehler recalled the memorable moment when he gifted each member of the cast with a case of Fosters beer. 

Jackman had guest-hosted the long-running American sketch comedy show in December 2001, bringing his charm and humor to the stage alongside Poehler and Maya Rudolph.

Amy shared her admiration for Chris Hemsworth's guest-hosting stint on Saturday Night Live in 2015. 

Although Poehler had moved on from SNL by then, she heard rave reviews about Hemsworth's captivating presence, noting that his essence lingered long after his departure.