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Tony Goldwyn dubs Robert De Niro's relationship with daughter 'beautiful to see'

Tony Goldwyn offered an insight into Robert De Niro's relationship with daughter ahead of film release

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May 27, 2024
Tony Goldwyn describes Robert De Niros relationship with daughter beautiful
Tony Goldwyn describes Robert De Niro's relationship with daughter 'beautiful'

Tony Goldwyn recently revealed that Robert De Niro’s relationship with his daughter Helen is beautiful.

Speaking to PEOPLE about starring with the 80-year-old actor in the forthcoming comedy/drama film, Goldwyn witnessed the legendary actor's "most dear" relationship with her preteen daughter Helen Grace.

Describing her as "incredible," the Scandal alum confirmed that "she was around a lot" and it was "really beautiful to see how Bob is with her. She was, I guess, 10 or 11 when we filmed, so now she's 12 or 13. But they have the most dear relationship."

He further added that De Niro’s love for children translated onscreen.

He said: "It was very interesting because he was playing, in our story, a grandfather to the 11-year-old boy Ezra ... and so much of [his relationship with Helen], I feel, influenced his relationship with Ezra. It was a very beautiful thing."

The Taxi Driver star, who has seven children, welcomed Helen via surrogate on December 23, 2011 with his former wife Grace Hightower.

For the unversed, Ezra is slated to release on Friday, May 31.