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Kate Middleton's return: Royal expert gives crucial update on Catherine's plans

Royal biographer gives delightful insight on Princess of Wales' return

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May 27, 2024
Royal expert gives crucial update on Kate Middletons plans
 Royal expert gives crucial update on Kate Middleton's plans

Royal author Angela Levin has shared a very exciting update on future Queen Kate Middleton's return and future plans.

Discussing Catherine's activities and plans, Levin revealed what the Princess of Wales will do on her return to the public duties, saying she has had positive news.

She explained: "What was very nice that we heard a bit about Princess Catherine. We all miss her so much. Or at least I do, hugely."

Giving updated on her health, Levin said: "And it was lovely to hear that one of her main projects, about a young people and children and, um, making sure that things start well in their lives.

"She has found that the people she'd asked to investigate have come up, that if they do A and B, that they can save the country £45 billion. That's absolutely extraordinary," she added.

The commentator continued: "What it will be is that money will be spent on encouraging people how to relate to each other and how to control their emotions.  It will cover people who are working, who have very small children and will need a bit of help because it's very difficult for them."

Levin said: "I think that it's marvellous. But the sad thing is we won't see anything of Catherine yet. But we do know that she's very excited about this, very happy. And we wish her well that when she does come back to us, she can get on with it."

Kensington Palace and Prince William have already told Kate's fans that she's "doing well".