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Prince William ‘hates’ competing for attention with Prince Harry

Prince William begins to feel like ‘spare’ after Prince Harry’s latest stunt

By Web Desk
May 27, 2024
Prince William feels ‘powerless’ against Prince Harry’s growing popularity
Prince William feels ‘powerless’ against Prince Harry’s growing popularity

Prince William is full of hatred for the popularity his estranged brother Prince Harry had garnered over given his recent ‘royal tour.’

It appears that the Duke of Sussex has turned his weakness into strength, using his “outcast” status and working it in his favour, per royal author Tom Quinn.

Quinn noted to The Mirror that Prince Harry us “using his freedom, his outcast status, as a means to become a more prominent royal than he ever could have when he was just the spare.”

Earlier this month, Harry and his wife Meghan Markle took a three-day tour to Nigeria to woo the country to host a future Invictus Games.

While the tour was not on behalf of King Charles, the optics of the tour resembled that of a royal one. The royal author noted that the couple were “feted as Royals, even if they weren’t officially royals.”

Quinn noted that the Prince of Wales “hates” it and is now seething with envy in Britain as feels “and powerless to compete or to prevent his brother taking centre stage.”

He went further to add that William may be “starting to feel like a spare himself” or at least feels “overshadowed” by Prince Harry and Meghan.

In his bombshell memoir, Spare, Harry shared that King Charles referred to him as the ‘Spare’ and his brother William as the ‘heir.