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Lily Allen explains why Baby Reindeer is a huge success

Lily Allen talks about her stalking order in a new interview

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May 27, 2024
Lily Allen shares her thoughts on Baby Reindeer
Lily Allen shares her thoughts on Baby Reindeer

Lily Allen has recently explained why Baby Reindeer was a huge success.

In a new interview with The Sunday Times Style magazine, Lily revealed, "find it interesting that Baby Reindeer has landed so massively."

"I feel like if it had been a female protagonist it wouldn't have got green-lit," said the 39-year-old.

Lily added, "People will not be remotely as interested in a woman's story, which is arguably more common than a male story."

Elsewhere in the interview, the singer and actress opened up about her stalking ordeal.

Lily shared her stalker Alex Gray broke into her home in October 2015 while she and her children were inside sleeping. Alex was later convicted and sent in detention under the Mental Health Act in 2016.

The actress, who shares two daughters with former husband Sam Cooper, further told the outlet that she was in the house when the break-in happened nine years ago.

Lily pointed out that she was not satisified with the work of police who called Alex's break-in as a burglary.

At the time, the actress said, "I was sort of gaslit by police."

"I can't tell you what their motivations were, but from my perspective this guy committed this horrendous crime and I believed he would do it again," she added.

Lily believed that men "who are victims of stalking are taken more seriously by the authorities".

"There were a handful of occasions with men that I vaguely knew who would be surprised at how I felt I'd been mistreated by the police because they had had experiences with female stalkers and said the police couldn't have been more helpful," stated the Elizabeth actress.

Lily added, "In contrast to how women feel when it happens to them, it's quite upsetting."