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Kim Kardashian not happy with 'unfair' treatment at Tom Brady roast

Kim Kardashian was booed during her performance at Tom Brady’s roast on May 5

By Web Desk
May 27, 2024
Kim Kardashian faces criticism after Tom Brady roast: Deets inside

Kim Kardashian believes she has become an easy target after Tom Brady roast.

A source spilled to the Star magazine, "Kim feels like she’s such an easy target at this point."

Earlier Kim was reportedly booed during her performance at Tom Brady’s roast on May 5.

The source revealed, "Kim’s Met Gala outfit got ripped to shreds, way more than others that she figured would be considered way inferior to hers."

"It’s just all so unfair as far as Kim sees it," shared an insider.

The reported that Kim lost 40,656 Instagram followers as of Thursday, May 9, just a few days after the Netlflix special was aired.

Fans weren't happy with Kim's behaviour at the roast. Comedian Andrew Schulz mentioned that reality star looked like a "robot … with no human aspect" while observing her at the show.

During a recent episode of his Flagrant podcast, Andrew explained how the SKIMS founder "sat with perfect posture for three hours straight" and seemed "disassociated throughout the entirety of the evening".

"[She] smiled, laughed. I’ve never seen anything like that. Completely unaffected," stated the 40-year-old.

Andrew explained, "Even when she was up there, they were kind of booing her. It didn’t make her smile. It didn’t make her sad. It was nothing."

Kim Kardashian not happy with unfair treatment at Tom Brady roast

Another comedian Nikki Glaser praised Kim's attitude at the special roast event.

Speaking on the latest episode of Jake Johnson and Gareth Reynolds, Nikki claimed, "Kim Kardashian DM’d me on the way in. We're Here to Help Podcast."

"She said you killed it on the roast," the 39-year-old shared. "And I wrote back, ‘Kim, OMG, I was trying to make eye contact with you every chance I could to mouth to you 'You killed it, girl,' which was no surprise after your SNL monologue, which was elite," stated the 39-year-old comedian.

Gushing over Kim, Nikki added, "You are so talented. Thank you so much for writing to me."

To which, Kim responded, "Aww thanks, and YOU KILLED IT, I don't know how you do this; it’s abuse, lol."