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Taylor Swift's boyfriend Travis Kelce spotted at Dallas Stars game

Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes cheer on Dallas Stars against Edmonton Oilers

By Web Desk
May 26, 2024

Taylor Swift's boyfriend Travis Kelce, the tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, recently enjoyed some ice hockey action in Texas! 

On Saturday, May 25, he was spotted at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, taking in a match between the NHL teams, the Dallas Stars and the Edmonton Oilers.

Kelce was seen nodding and smiling from what appeared to be a suite at the match. 

This game, which marked the second round of the Western Conference finals in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, clearly caught Kelce's attention.

Dallas Stars captioned the post with a nod to Kelce's girlfriend, Taylor Swift. 

They humorously suggested Kelce could join their hockey team, referencing Swift's hit song Blank Space with the caption, "We've got a Blank Space (on the back of a Stars jersey), and we'll write your name @tkelce."

Travis Kelce wasn't just a passive observer at the Dallas Stars match; he was actively engaged in the excitement of playoff hockey! 

A joint video posted by the Stars and ESPN captured Kelce chatting and laughing with fellow attendees, showcasing his enjoyment of the game.

The post's caption remarked, "Travis Kelce enjoying some playoff hockey in Dallas," reflecting the infectious enthusiasm Kelce brought to the event. 

His presence at the match, where the Stars triumphed over the Oilers with a score of 3-1, didn't go unnoticed by his Kansas City Chiefs teammate, Patrick Mahomes.