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Queen Camilla finally gets royal redemption after heartbreaking treatment

Queen Camilla recently emerged victorious as the most popular royal

By Web Desk
May 26, 2024
Inside Queen Camilla's wild journey from 'homewrecker' to beloved UK monarch

Queen Camilla was recently crowned the most popular royal among GB News audience with a stellar score of 82 percent.

Reflecting on the feat, the outlet’s host Mark Dolan lauded the wife of King Charles for her rise above the chaos following controversial introduction to the world.

“Camilla’s no chicken. And she’s not foul. In fact she has been on quite the journey,” he shared.

“Following Elizabeth wasn't her first big challenge. No no no. Her first big challenge was following Diana – a global icon – one of the most beautiful and charismatic women the world has ever seen.”

Dolan recalled Camilla’s title as a “homewrecker” after the late Princess Diana implied infidelity from Charles’ end during their tumultuous marriage in an interview with BBC.

However, he went on to applaud her rise from the criticism with utmost elegance, not putting one foot wrong across her life as the King’s partner.

“For over two decades now, she has been discreet, quiet, unobtrusive, never seeking to steal the limelight.”

“On Elizabeth’s passing many were upset at Charles's decision to declare her Queen, rather than Queen Consort. Well I think she's earned the title. She's every inch a Queen,” he continued.

“It's been quite the journey, from home-wrecker and the subject of tabloid gossip, to the woman who alongside the King, leads and represents this country. The royals aren't elected, but if Camilla was, she'd win by a landslide,” concluded the journalist.