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Demi Moore calls Cher her 'style icon' at amfAR Gala: Here's why

Demi Moore is all praise for Cher at the event

By Web Desk
May 25, 2024
Demi Moore gushes over Cher for her long tresses
Demi Moore gushes over Cher for her long tresses

Demi Moore has recently revealed Cher is her personal hair inspiration.

Speaking at the amfAR Gala during the Cannes Film Festival as a host, the Ghost actress introduced Cher, saying, "This incredible woman that I’m about to introduce, she’s a Grammy winner and an Oscar winner," via PEOPLE.

Calling Cher her style icon, Demi stated, "She’s a style icon and my personal hair inspiration. And she was honoured by amfAR for their award of inspiration in 2015."

"The bottom line, is she’s one of the most talented, successful and best loved performers of all time. So please…please give a warm welcome to the one and only Cher!" said the 61-year-old.

Earlier, Cher, who is known for her long dark tresses, spoke to PEOPLE in 2022 that she would never change her hair colour anytime soon.

"[Going gray] is fine for other girls. I'm just not doing it!" declared the 78-year-old.

As far as Demi is concerned, the actress told the outlet that she was content with dark brown hair and never planned to change it.

"I remember hearing someone say that when women get older, they shouldn't have long hair. And something about that stuck with me," she told the outlet.

Meanwhile, Demi disclsoed that she'd tried different hairstyles over the years and discovered she wanted to keep it "as organic as possible.

"I've done everything to my hair. I've shaved it. I've dyed it. I've had a bob. When I'm not working, I try to do as little to it as possible," shared the actress.

Demi added, "It's stressful even having someone touch it. If I don't have anywhere to go, I don't put heat on it—I just try to let it do its own thing. And I don't wash it too often."