Tuesday June 18, 2024

Prince Harry won't stop

Prince Harry receives new title of 'Whingemaster of Wales' for all his stunts

By Web Desk
May 24, 2024

Prince Harry, who wrapped up a tour to Nigeria last week, has seemingly become a real threat to the royal family as he hinted that he won't stop.

The Duke of Sussex recently revealed his future plans, which seems to be a stern warning to his cancer-stricken father King Charles and the royal family as he said: "It is hugely important for us to meet directly with people, supporting our causes and listening, in order to bring about solutions, support and positive change."

"Whether it's the Archewell Foundation, Invictus or any of our other causes, there will always be reasons to meet the people at the heart of our work."

Reacting to Harry's statement, Angela Levin told GBN America: "I think that that is a terrible snub to his family. I think it's really cruel and awful.

"He wants to say that he's okay, he's fine. He knows how to do these things. And the old fashioned Royal Family can't. I think he could be a lot of damage, bring a lot of damage to the Royals."

Royal commentator Michael Cole has also flayed the Duke, branding him a "case of arrested development" in a scathing rant. He has also given him a new title of the 'Whingemaster of Wales' for all his stunts and actions.

Cole went on: "He and his wife have spent the last four years making cruel, unjustified and unkind criticisms of his family and senior members of it and now they seem rather surprised that no one wants to hug, kiss and forgive."

Taking a dig at the Duke, the commentator said: "Prince Harry has said he loves this country and it will always be his home but the people of this country are not too sure about that because he has gone into self-imposed exile in California."