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Queen Camilla gives 'incredibly exciting' update after major honour

The senior royal shared a candid insight into her own reading habits including the character

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May 24, 2024
It comes after Camilla received a huge backing in a new poll
It comes after Camilla received a huge backing in a new poll

Queen Camilla offered an interesting glimpse into her reading routines to fans this week as her highly praised podcast, 'The Queen’s Reading Room,' launched its second series. The podcast had previously dominated the charts upon its debut last year.

In the opening episode of the new series, the focus shifted to a discussion between podcast host Vicki Perrin and acclaimed fantasy author Neil Gaiman. 

Additionally, a specially recorded segment featuring the Queen herself showcased the book enthusiast royal discussing her earliest encounter with an adult book and the lasting impact it had on her.

Seated beside a roaring fire, Camilla told listeners: “I can remember a book called Angélique, which was written by a woman called Anne Golon. It was about this beautiful French woman that goes on a series of completely mad adventure and in one she ended up in the court of the Sun King, Louis XIV.”

Recalling how young she would’ve been at the time, the Queen then went on to add: “I must’ve been about eleven or twelve and it was incredibly exciting!”

However, it was the next part of the conversation which truly resonated with many listeners as Camilla recalled how in her youth she had wanted so desperately to emulate the main character Angélique.

Queen Camilla gives incredibly exciting update after major honour

She revealed: “We all wanted to look like her, she was beautiful with these green eyes and long golden hair. We all yearned to be Angelique. I think they’re still going now, but it was the first sort of grown up read I took in.”

The full Angélique book series consists of thirteen historical adventure romance novels written by Anne Golon and published between 1957 and 1985. 

Since it’s inception, the novels have sold more than 150 million copies worldwide and captivated countless audiences in much the same way that they one enchanted the young Camilla.

It comes after Camilla received a huge backing in a new poll, with GB News' Royal Correspondent claiming: "Any politician would die for those ratings!"

In the first episode of GB News' new podcast, The Royal Record, Royal Correspondent Cameron Walker and Digital Royal Editor Svar Nanan-Sen discussed a recent poll where the Queen received an 82 per cent approval rating.