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Michael Richards recalls escaping death after prostate cancer diagnosis

Seinfeld’s Michael Richards opened up about his prostate cancer battle

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May 24, 2024
Inside Michael Richards fatal battle with prostate cancer
Inside Michael Richards fatal battle with prostate cancer

Seinfeld star Michael Richards recently opened up about his prostate cancer battle, admitting that it could have been “the end” for him.

The actor, who portrayed the role of Kramer in the said series, offered insight into his health condition in a new memoir about his life.

Opening up in his upcoming memoir Entrances and Exits about the health scare in the summer of 2018, the actor revealed that he was diagnosed with the first stage.

Speaking exclusively to PEOPLE about receiving the news, he said: "I thought, 'Well, this is my time. I'm ready to go.”

"But then my son came to mind just a few seconds later and I heard myself saying, 'I've got a 9-year-old and I'd like to be around for him. Is there any way I can get a little more life going?'"

It wasn’t long until his doctor recommended surgery to remove the entire prostate following his biopsy results.

Expanding thoughts on the procedure, he explained: "It had to be contained quickly. I had to go for the full surgery. If I hadn't, I probably would have been dead in about eight months."

Richards decided to write a short memoir after recovering from traumas of the life-threatening disease.