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Giovanni Pernice's bags leave London residence amid 'serious misconduct' probe

Giovanni Pernice's girlfriend steps out after controversy: Is proposal in the works?

By Web Desk
May 24, 2024
Is Giovanni Pernice about to propose his girlfriend?
Is Giovanni Pernice about to propose his girlfriend?

Giovanni Pernice, the beloved Strictly Come Dancing star, was seen in a tense moment on Thursday, hastily moving bags of clothes out of his London residence. 

The 33-year-old, who recently announced his departure from the show, appeared somber as he navigated the task alongside a female friend, the gravity of the situation evident in his demeanor.

This development follows a BBC investigation into allegations of 'serious misconduct' against the dancer, further intensifying the scrutiny surrounding his professional conduct.

Giovanni's girlfriend, Molly Brown, was spotted sporting a striking gold band on her wedding finger. 

The sighting came shortly after the couple delighted fans with news of a 'new addition' to their family - a Pomeranian puppy named Roxy, marking a bittersweet contrast to the unfolding controversy surrounding the dancer's career.

Amidst a controversy surrounding his 'militant' training style, he and his girlfriend recently returned from a jet-setting trip to Dubai and Portugal, seeking respite from the furore. 

However, their return to the UK was met with renewed scrutiny as the BBC launched an investigation into allegations of 'serious workplace misconduct,' prompted by legal actions taken by three of Giovanni's former partners.

As the media storm continues to brew, all eyes are on Molly Brown, Giovanni's supportive girlfriend, who was spotted for the first time in London since their return.