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Prince William fails to save cancer-stricken Kate Middleton from ‘spiralling’

Princess Kate is reportedly overwhelmed with pressure of returning to royal duties

By Web Desk
May 24, 2024
Prince William fails to save cancer-stricken Kate Middleton from ‘spiralling’

Prince William has reportedly not been able to offer adequate support to Kate Middleton, as she is believed to be getting overwhelmed by her health battle.

Speaking to Life & Style, a source reflected on the Princess of Wales’ mental health condition as she is taken with pressue of returning to the public eye.

They shared: “While no one is push­ing Kate to do anything but recover, she’s still feeling a lot of pressure to get back to her duties and to be even more perfect than before.”

The insider went on to explain how her feelings have taken a toll on her in the wake of Prince William’s obligations to resume royal duties, prompting him to be away from home for longer periods.

“It doesn’t help that William has been away from home more, so Kate’s main support and shoulder to lean on isn’t always around,” they said, “[His] absence makes things more difficult.”

Kate is also said to have divulged her issues with the future King of England, who has left no stone unturned to offer his unequivocal support.

“She told him about the pressure she’s feeling,” the source explained. “He was sympathetic and supportive, insisting she stop worrying and take as much time as is needed.”

They added: “She’s spiraled at times.”