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Prince Harry, King Charles reunion 'lost cause' after Diana's death

Princess Diana would have played the role of 'peacemaker' between Harry and Charles if she were alive

By Web Desk
May 24, 2024
Prince Harry, King Charles reunion 'lost cause' after Diana's death

Prince Harry's reunion with his estranged father, King Charles and Prince William appears impossible to the late Princess Diana's butler. 

As reported by The Sun, the former royal family confidante Paul Burrell claimed that if the Princess is alive she would have played the role of a peacemaker between Harry and the royal family.

He shared, "There’s no love lost between Diana and Charles, but what was important to Diana is that both boys should have been influenced by both parents, and she would have wanted them to respect their father."

Paul added, "She would have made Harry apologize to Charles, and Diana would have been the broker of that—she was always the peacemaker."

He believes that Harry and William "would have been glued to their mother, and her word would have been final."

Paul stated, "Now there is nobody to sort them out. I’m afraid it’s a lost cause."

It is pertinent to mention that since Harry's departure from the royal family in 2020, the Duke of Sussex made it to the negative headlines due to his controversial remarks against the royal family. 

Since then, Harry made it to the bad books of the Monarch and the senior members of the royal family.