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‘Right Place, Wrong Person’: BTS’ RM Drops 'Lost' music video

BTS sensation RM garners rave from ARMY on 'Lost' official music video

By Web Desk
May 24, 2024
Lost is the main track of RM's 2nd album Right Place, Wrong Person

RM from BTS offered a sneak peek into his mind through the music video of his latest song, Lost, from his new album Right Place, Wrong Person.

In his second solo album, the 29-year-old South Korean singer and songwriter chronicled the moments where he felt like a :stranger who does not fit in certain places," as described by his agency BigHit Music.

The agency unveiled the official music video on YouTube on Friday, May 24. Within an hour of the release, his fans flooded the comment section with admiration.

‘Right Place, Wrong Person’: BTS’ RM Drops Lost music video

One fan commented, "I am glad he is able to share his feelings through his music."

A second fan highlighted the message from the new track, "What I love most about 'Lost' is how relatable it is. We've all had moments where we feel like we're wandering aimlessly, unsure of what our next step should be. But Namjoon reminds us that even in those moments, we can find our way back to ourselves."

Another described it as "Witty, irreverent, hyperactive imagination, funny, whimsical, interesting—this song brings out these parts of Namjoon so well!"

Additionally, Lost is the main track of the album which has hit the streaming platforms on May 24. 

RM’s latest album has 11 songs, including Come Back to Me, Right People, Wrong Place, Nuts, Out of Love, ?, and Domodachi, among other B-side tracks, all penned by the crooner.