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Chris Pratt turns to unlikely ally for advice on raising kids in public eye

Chriss Pratt is father to a son and daughter

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May 24, 2024
Chriss Pratt talks about taking advice from mother-in-lae Maria Shriver
Chriss Pratt talks about taking advice from mother-in-lae Maria Shriver

Chris Pratt recently opened up about the parenting advice he was offered by his mother-in-law Maria Shriver.

The actor revealed that the mother of his wife Katherine Schwarzeneggar suggested that he should not “ruin” his celebrity offspring after successfully raising his wife and siblings.

Speaking exclusively on the Today Show, the 44-year-old explained that he questioned Maria about raising her children as “amazing” people despite having a public profile.

He said: "Oh my gosh, I mean, she's like a living saint. I feel that, and she's funny and accessible and brilliant."

Pratt expanded on his thoughts on Maria’s positive influence in her children’s lives.

The American actor and film producer went on to comment, noting: "She's so involved in the lives of her children. 

"She's raised four - she and Arnold have raised four amazing kids, and that's not always an easy thing to do."

The Passengers alum said that although the children, who have been raised in the public eye don’t grow up into “highly-functioning” adults, but his mother-in-law made sure of it.

"You see people in Hollywood or people who've got like a lot of privilege, and they end up raising kinda rotten kids.”

He bluntly noted that he intends to follow in Maria’s footsteps when it comes to maintaining a work-life balance.