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Simu Liu steps up for Jennifer Lopez over Ben Affleck divorce question

Simu Liu and Jennifer Lopez are currently busy promoting their new movie Atlas in Mexico City

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May 23, 2024
Jennifer Lopez shares her thoughts on Atlas movie

Simu Liu has recently shared a strong response to a reporter who asked personal question about Jennifer Lopez during Atlas promotion.

On May 22, Simu and Jennifer were present at a press conference in Mexico City when the unidentified journalist interrupted the panel session to inquire about her divorce rumours with Ben Affleck.

The Barbie star stepped up and responded, "Okay we're not doing that... Thank you so much guys, we really appreciate it. Thank you."

Interestingly, JLo told the reporter, "You know better than that."

Simu then took over the session and stated, "C'mon, don't come in with that energy, please."

He continued, "If I could just end on one thing."

Simu Liu steps up for Jennifer Lopez over Ben Affleck divorce question

"Jen is a producer on this movie and the reason why I am here and why Sterling [K. Brown] was in this beautiful movie is because Jen cares," said One True Loves actor.

Simu added, "Jen cares about things like representation and diversity, and she's a boss."

Amid divorce speculations, a source spilled to PEOPLE, "Jennifer and Ben's marriage is not in the best place at the moment."

Strangely enough, Ben was spotted heading out for dinner in Santa Monica, California wearing his wedding ring on May 21.

"He was in a great mood," revealed an insider, adding,"He seemed very relaxed and happy. Everyone chatted and seemed to enjoy."

Meanwhile, Jennifer is busy promoting her new movie, Atlas, which will release on Netflix from May 24.