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Ben Affleck's 'relaxed' public outing without JLo sparks marriage trouble

Ben Affleck is not a fan of media attention during public outing

By Web Desk
May 23, 2024
Ben Affleck's 'relaxed' public outing without JLo sparks marriage trouble

Ben Affleck was spotted leaving Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica, fueling speculation about his marriage to Jennifer Lopez.

The actor's casual outfit, which included a blue button-up shirt and khaki pants, seemed to suggest a relaxed evening out.

However, rumours of marital troubles between the couple have been circulating, with body language expert Judi James weighing in on the potential issues to The Mirror.

Ben Afflecks relaxed public outing without JLo sparks marriage trouble

According to James, Ben's aversion to the public eye might be causing tension in their relationship, as the Atlas star is known to thrive in the limelight.

This disparity in their preferences could be taking a toll on their marriage, hinting that all may not be well in their relationship.

"Sadly it seems to be being made clear to Ben that it’s now not only his appearances with Jennifer that make him a lightning rod for camera interest," the expert noted adding, "He seems to be no fan of the very public life he and Jennifer have to lead at times and here he seems to try to avoid any sense of pressure by using his height to look above the level of the photographers."

She went on to say that his expression can also convey how annoyed he is with the cameras flashing. "His eyes are rounded and his jaw drops open slightly and he seems to be in no mood to smile and suggest a celebrity-style air of any love of paparazzi attention," she said.

James continued: "His mouth expressions here instead are either a clamping of the lips or what looks like a slight clenching of the teeth when his mouth falls open."