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Young Sheldon fans link Montana Jordan’s newborn’s similarity to costar

Montana Jordan’s newborn daughter and Raegan Revord have something in common

By Web Desk
May 23, 2024
Young Sheldon fans relate name of newborn to a star on show 

Young Sheldon fans seem to believe that Montana Jordan took inspiration from one of his co-stars’ names while naming his newborn daughter.

Fans highlighted the similarities between Georgie Cooper's sister and the newborn's names after the actor, 21, announced the birth of his and girlfriend Jenna Weeks' baby.

Jordan shared the news with the public just days after the hit CBS sitcom series concluded its seven seasons run with the series finale.

Jordan's girlfriend also posted a photo of their daughter without any caption, looking cute while sleeping in her lap, wearing a pink bow on her head.

“God has blessed me with a beautiful baby girl,” he wrote in the caption of his Instagram post. “Emma Rae Jordan, Momma and Daddy love you. Forever and always.”

Young Sheldon fans started speculation that Jordan might have taken inspiration from his co-star Raegan Revord's name, who portrays his and Sheldon Cooper's on-screen sister Missy.

“Is the middle name for @raeganrevord!”, one fan commented, while another added, “I heard the middle name was in honour of you, congratulations girl! Hope it's true!”

Jordan and Revord have not confirmed if the newborn's name is in fact a tribute to his onscreen sister or not.