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Andrew Scott denies influence on Taylor Swift’s album name

Andrew Scott dismisses theories linking WhatsApp group to Taylor Swift's album title

By Web Desk
May 23, 2024
Andrew Scott clears up rumors about Taylor Swifts album.
Andrew Scott clears up rumors about Taylor Swift's album.

Andrew Scott has dismissed fans' speculation that his WhatsApp group with Joe Alwyn inspired the name of Taylor Swift's record-breaking album, The Tortured Poets Department. 

In a recent interview with Variety, the Sherlock star addressed the claims, clarifying that the chat, which he named 'Tortured Man Club,' was a brief endeavor consisting of just "three texts."

Following the release of The Tortured Poets Department, fans were quick to theorize that the album title was a subtle jab at Swift's ex-boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. 

In 2022, Alwyn revealed that a mutual friend had created a WhatsApp group with him and Andrew's friend, Paul Mescal.

During the interview, Mescal mentioned that Scott initiated the group, humorously adding, "He's just on it every day. He's just on it by himself."

Joe Alwyn had previously joked about the group, saying Scott was "just messaging himself good mornings." 

Scott clarified, "They were about to play these tortured characters, and I had played a tortured character in Fleabag. 

It wasn't about our own characteristics! I think there were three texts, like, 'Hey, guys.' You know those groups that you set up, and they just collapse."

Praising Taylor Swift's new album, Scott added, "Taylor's new album is sensational! I texted her yesterday to say how amazing it is… She is just a force of nature, an extraordinary human, and this album is really, really amazing."

During the interview, Scott also expressed his discomfort with the term "openly gay" in describing his sexuality. 

He noted, "It's wonderful to be able to talk about sexuality in an open way. But I do feel sometimes, other people—and by other people, I mean straight people—don't have to explain or talk about their sexuality every time they go to work… 

The idea that I'm being defiant by just being exactly who I am… Be open about it? Why wouldn't you be open about it?... But the word 'openly,' for me, just seems a little loaded."