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Will Smith shares insight into Reba McEntire's scene in new Bad Boys movie

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence share details about their forthcoming movie, Bad Boys

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May 22, 2024
Will Smith opens up about Reba McEntire's scene in new Bad Boys movie

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have recently dished out details about their upcoming movie, Bad Boys: Ride or Die.

Speaking to E! News, Will discussed about Reba McEntire's reaction to one of the scenes in the new movie where both protagonists thought this was Reba's song but it wasn't.

Will shared Reba's reaction to the scene, revealing she thought "it was fantastic".

"Reba recorded the Bad Boys song in the scene so she was like she loved it," said the King Richard actor.

Elsewhere in the interview, Will and his co-star Martin opened up about their process behind stunt scenes.

Will quipped, "Martin takes two-hour meetings with stunt coordinator."

Martin remarked, "Yeah I go through everything... I have to go through to get those stunts right... I don't play with them. Safety first."

Will jokingly said, "When we were doing one and two, it was like safety third and now it's safety first."

Will Smith shares insight into Reba McEntires scene in new Bad Boys movie

While talking about who changed over 30 years, to which Martin replied, " I don't think I change because Will is still jubilant. I am little more stern."

Will chimed in and stated, "Less of a morning person."

"You need your space in the morning," added the I Am Legend actor.

Elaborating on their childen's reaction to Bad Boys One movie, Martin remarked, "My daughters love them.. They call me the cool dad."

Will added, "My oldest son Trey loves it... It's the one he likes that dad is doing.

Meanwhile, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence's upcoming movie Bad Boys: Die or Ride will release in theatres on June 4.