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Prince Harry hurts King Charles as he turns down his big offer

King Charles reportedly hurt by Prince Harry's major decision

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May 22, 2024
Prince Harry was reportedly offered by his dad King Charles to stay in royal residence
Prince Harry was reportedly offered by his dad King Charles to stay in royal residence  

Prince Harry has reportedly hurt his father King Charles by allegedly refusing his  offer to stay at royal residence over security concerns.

The Duke of Sussex was given an opportunity to stay in a royal residence during his trip to the UK but he "refused the King's offer" because the locations were "too visible", according to a new report.

The Duke of Sussex turned down an invitation from his father to stay at a royal residence earlier this month because of security concerns.

The 75-year-old monarch's offer reportedly did not come with any taxpayer-funded personal security provision, which would have left Harry in a "visible location with public entrance and exit points and no police protection".

The Duke preferred chose to stay at a hotel because it meant he "could come and go unseen". There were reports that King Charles was hurt by Harry's decision. 

According to the Telegraph, the Duke of Sussex "remains devastated" about the withdrawal of his automatic right to police protection as he he now has to give the Metropolitan Police 28 days' notice before coming to the UK if he wants to apply for security provision.

Furthermore, with each request assessed on an individual basis by Ravec, the committee which oversees the protection of royalty and public figures.

It has not been revealed where the King offered his estranged son Harry a room, however, St James's Palace is a strong possibility as Princess Beatrice has a permanent apartment there. Princess Anne also has a suite of rooms and a parking place that she uses when staying in London.

The property is directly adjacent to Clarence House where the King stays when in London, so it would have been perfect for the father and son duo to meet.

All royal residences feature armed guards at entry and exit points, unlike any London hotel, and boast the most sophisticated security systems in the country to protect working members of the family.

Buckingham Palace has not confirmed any report about row between Father-son duo. However, Harry's spokesman issued a statement when he came to London, strongly suggesting that the Duke was keen to meet his father, but the King was "too busy" to see him.

It is to mention here that Harry spent three nights in London without seeing his father, brother and any other member of the royal family before flying to Nigeria to reunite with Meghan Markle.