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Prince Harry plays side role in 'The Meghan Show' on Nigeria trip

Prince Harry was cornered as Meghan Markle stole spotlight on their latest trip

By Web Desk
May 21, 2024
Prince Harry plays side role in 'The Meghan Show' on Nigeria trip

Prince Harry was ‘content’ playing second fiddle to Meghan Markle during their recent trip to Nigeria earlier this week.

Speaking to OK! magazine, royal expert Duncan Larcombe reflected on the Sussexes’ body language during the whistle-stop tour, as he stressed the dynamic between the two.

“Meghan is a very strong character, very driven, extremely ambitious, and those are the kind of characteristics that mean she will almost always inevitably outshine Harry and grab the attention from him,” he shared.

He went on to describe the Suits alum as a “magnet for attention,” noting, “Their Nigeria trip was ‘The Meghan Show’ and Harry was the side.”

Body language expert Darren Stanton went on to keenly analyze the prince’s behaviour during interactions with the coterie at the African country.

“In Nigeria, we saw Harry looking slightly worried and not quite himself from time to time. We could see his eyebrows angling down, and a few of his facial expressions and smiles weren’t the most genuine from him. This can suggest Harry was feeling apprehensive and a bit nervous,” he claimed on behalf of Betfair Live Casino.

Larcombe continued to heap praise on the way Meghan carried herself throughout the trip, regardless of all eyes on her from across the globe. “It’s a combination of Meghan’s personality and drive, and also a reflection of Harry’s willingness not to steal the limelight and frankly, feeling more comfortable playing second fiddle to his wife,” he said.