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King Charles lets go of doubts on Prince William’s loyalty to crown

King Charles is putting a united front with Prince William against Prince Harry

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May 21, 2024
King Charles lets go of doubts on Prince William’s loyalty to crown

Cancer-stricken King Charles is slowly letting go of his doubts concerning his eldest son’s loyalty to the crown.

The Prince of Wales was appointed the new Colonel-in-Chief of the Army Air Corps, a role that previously belonged the King himself. The united front that the father and son held was a powerful message that was sent across, per former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond.

“The image of the King and the future King together sends out a powerful message about the continuity of the monarchy,” Bond told OK! Magazine.

The royal expert also implied that this was a significant gesture in which the monarch was also an example of how the King now trusts his eldest son, unlike his younger, estranged son, Prince Harry.

“I think it was an example of mutual support – the King handing a highly significant appointment to his older, loyal son – and Prince William showing that he is ready and willing to take on some of his father’s duties as and when the time is right.”

Being in the unique position that they are, Charles and William have gotten closer.

“They have only one another to share very particular thoughts or concerns with about this unique role,” Bond explained.

“With Harry no longer part of the picture, William has become closer to his father. As time goes by, I think the King will look to his eldest son more and more to uphold and protect the institution of monarchy.”