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Lisa Vanderpump thinks ‘every year’ is Vanderpump Rules’ ‘last year’

Lisa Vanderpump shares why rumours of Vanderpump Rules ending don’t affect her

By Web Desk
May 21, 2024
Lisa Vanderpump opens up about Vanderpump Rules ending
Lisa Vanderpump opens up about Vanderpump Rules ending

Lisa Vanderpump is unaffected by the rumours going on about Vanderpump Rules coming to an end after Bravo decided to put it on pause on season 12’s production.

“Every year I think, ‘Oh, this is gonna be the last year,’” Vanderpump, 63, told Us Weekly while promoting season 2 of Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars.

Unlike previous summer months, Bravo stopped filming season 12 of the series this year, after Tom Sandoval and Rachel “Raquel” Leviss’ affair during season 11 fallout.

“We’re taking a little breath here. I’ve got to open another restaurant,” Vanderpump told the outlet. “I think we’re kind of done talking about Scandoval/Sandoval. So I think everybody needs to have it kind of all breathe a little bit.”

Vanderpump is keeping her schedule tight during the break from VPR. Her role on Gordon Ramsay's Food Stars is confirmed. The show will debut on Fox on Wednesday, May 22.

“When [Gordon Ramsay] first asked me to do it, we had a kind of playful relationship, albeit competitive because we had restaurants opposite each other,” she said.

“But I just also thought it was very interesting on many different levels because it was going to be about the emotional component between the contestants, the business strategy, the challenges, survival of the fittest, the iconic places that we were gonna go. And ultimately how Gordon and I would handle each other.”