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Daniel Stern nearly got fired from ‘Home Alone’, here’s why

‘Home Alone’ star Daniel Stern reveals why he almost lost role in 1990 Home Alone

By Web Desk
May 21, 2024
Daniel Stern opens up on almost losing his role in 1990 Home Alone
Daniel Stern opens up on almost losing his role in 1990 Home Alone

Daniel Stern reveals that he almost lost his co-starring role as Marv the burglar in Home Alone and the sequel, simply by asking for a raise.

The actor shared in his new memoir, Home and Alone, out Tuesday, that he was meant to be paid $300,000 for six weeks work on the original 1990 movie.

But then something happened.

“I got a call saying they had redone the shooting schedule and they would now need me for eight weeks instead of six,” he wrote.

“They were asking me to add on 33% more shooting time, so I asked if they were going to raise my salary the same amount, and they said they would not.”

Producers even hired a different actor for the role and started rehearsals with Joe Pesci in Chicago, but maybe the role was meant for Stern.

A few days passed by and Stern got a call that they wanted him back and would “honour the original contract and make the schedule six weeks.”

Stern later admitted in the memoir that he felt relieved and learned a valuable lesson.

“It switches at some point where you go, ‘OK, I’m committed to the project,'” he told The Post. “If it takes 14 weeks, I’m going to miss the kid’s graduation because I committed to this. And so that was the lesson.”

“Luckily I dodged the bullet of my stupidity and ended up in the movie,” he said.