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Meghan Markle's downfall in royal family starts with one 'mistake'

Meghan Markle's one early decision led to her 'downfall'

By Web Desk
May 20, 2024

Meghan Markle - who married Prince Harry in 2018 - made quite the impression when she joined the royal family and quickly gained a lot of loyal supporters, but her one early "mistake" led to her "downfall".

The Duchess of Sussex's one decision in 2019 didn't go down well with many, according to an expert.

Meghan's visit to sex workers and messages on bananas for them, which included notes such as "be strong" and "you are loved", were branded "offensive" by some and royal commentator Liz Jones has now slammed the move as "tone deaf". 

"It was Bananagate, when Meghan, still a working Royal, visited them in Bristol, scrawling positive mantras on fruit," she said.

She, in talks with the Daily Mail, added: "'Was she signing her autograph?' I wrote. 'Would she get ink on the £1,500 Oscar de la Renta?' No, Meghan. These women are not 'loved', they are not 'special'."

The expert continued: "I'd have more admiration if, when she's finished doing up that 'cottage' in Windsor... she were to open its doors as a refuge instead. That would show these women they are loved. That would prove they're special."

Meghan reportedly made the decision to write the kind messages when she met with someone at a charity helping sex workers get off the streets. As the food bags were being prepared, the Duchess said: "Oh actually do you have a Sharpie marker? I have an idea. I saw this project this woman had started somewhere in the States on a school lunch programme.

"On each of the bananas she wrote an affirmation, to make the kids feel really, like, empowered. It was the most incredible idea – this small gesture."

However, one worker slammed the idea as "really stupid". Speaking to The Sun at the time, she said: "People out here struggle to eat and sleep and she gifts us some words on a piece of fruit. She has the means to help us more than that. It's offensive, you know."

Some royal commentators have urged Meghan and Harry to avoid offending the royal family in order to thrive and be successful.