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Adele gives daughter with Rich Paul graduation shout-out, ‘I love you darling’

Adele calls out step daughter in delight at her Weekends With Adele residency in Las Vegas

By Web Desk
May 20, 2024
Adele gushes over stepdaughters graduation
Adele gushes over stepdaughter's graduation 

Adele can’t be more happy for her step daughter, with Rich Paul, Reonna Simone Paul’s graduation and called her out.

“It is my stepdaughter’s graduation this weekend,” Adele, 36 said on Friday, May 17, at her Weekends With Adele residency in Las Vegas per fan footage, adding that Reonna is graduating from Clark Atlanta University. “So, I love you darling.”

Adele remarked that Reonna is going to be the first family member who ever finished college and graduated.

“How amazing is that? It’s a f–king vibe,” Adele said. “So they’re all in Atlanta, and they’re celebrating her. And obviously, I’m here with you — wouldn’t be anywhere else — but I love you, baby. I love you!”

Reonna reshared a clip of Adele praising her, on her Instagram account story, writing, “The best!”

“It’s been real CAU… The jewels that I am taking away from this experience are invaluable,” Reonna opened up in another Instagram post on Thursday, May 16.

“This experience has truly been a dream. In the beginning, I had no direction of who I would be or where I would wanna go throughout my matriculation here. When I finally found my way … there was no looking back.”

Reonna continued by giving thanks to Clark Atlanta University for the “culture, community, opportunities and life experiences that money can’t buy.” She concluded, “I am forever in debt to Clark Atlanta University. We made it.”