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Angelina Jolie to start dating again after painful divorce from Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie reveals why gets back to dating eights years after split: Source

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May 20, 2024
Angelina Jolie ready to get back into dating: Here's why

Angelina Jolie is thinking to start dating again after her messy divorce from former husband Brad Pitt.

A source spilled to the In Touch, “For years, Angelina didn’t even think of dating. Not only was she heartbroken and traumatized by the divorce, but she was determined to focus on herself, her health and her children.”

However, the source revealed, “It’s taken her a long time to get here, but Angelina is slowly opening herself up to new relationships.”

Elaborating on what took Angelina so long, another mole observed, “Angelina was stuck in a rut during the drawn-out divorce.”

Calling it quits with Brad in 2016, the source told the outlet, “She gets pigeonholed as being moody and difficult, but that’s because she was going through a lot of heartache."

Dishing out what she’s looking for in a relationship, a separated source disclosed, “Angelina’s not really into the L.A. scene with all the entertainment industry types.”

“She wants to meet interesting people who are passionate about the arts,” noted an insider.

The source mentioned, “She’s looking to date someone who measures up to her standards — even if they’re impossibly high!”

Angelina Jolie to start dating again after painful divorce from Brad Pitt

Angelina made it clear that until and unless she won’t find a “worldly soulmate,” she’s “content” to focus on her career.

Recently, the Maleficent star had produced a Broadway musical with the help of her youngest daughter, Vivienne.

During an appearance on the Today show earlier this week, Angelina stated, “I think when anybody comes to see this, it doesn't stay away from the darker sides of life and a lot we have to discuss and a lot that we're feeling.”

“But in the end, it's what gets us through — and that is family,” she added.