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Taylor Swift's first-ever Sweden concert breaks records

In honour of Taylor Swift, Stockholm temporarily renames it as Swiftholm

By Web Desk
May 19, 2024
Taylor Swift's first-ever Sweden concert breaks records

Taylor Swift declared that her fans broke the attendance record at Friends Arena after her first-ever Sweden concert.

"My mind is absolutely blown for several reasons looking at this crowd tonight," said the Eras Tour star.

"First of which is that I have never gotten to play a show in Stockholm before, and my first show looks like this." The crowd erupted and Swift added, "You have made this the highest-attended show ever in this stadium."

Although the Blank Space singer didn't disclose the exact number of attendees, the Friends Arena's website reveals that its concert capacity can accommodate up to 60,000 people, depending on the stage setup and configuration.

The Lover crooner's fans were unable to catch a glimpse of her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, in the crowd, despite him having attended her final show in Paris, which marked her 87th performance on the Eras Tour (coincidentally, his jersey number with the Kansas City Chiefs is also 87). 

The football player is set to host his own music festival, Kelce Jam, on Saturday night in Bonner Springs, Kansas.

Meanwhile, the city of Stockholm has become the latest stop on Swift's blockbuster three-plus-hour show to temporarily rename itself in her honour, with the city being dubbed "Swiftholm" (following in the footsteps of Glendale, which was dubbed "Swift City," Minneapolis, which became "Swiftie-apolis," and Santa Clara, which was renamed "Swiftie Clara"). 

Swift is scheduled to perform three nights at the Friends Arena before heading to Lisbon, Portugal, for her next show.