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King Charles ignores pleas of 'stressed' Queen Camilla

Queen Camilla recently offered concerning health update on King Charles

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May 19, 2024
King Charles ignores pleas of 'stressed' Queen Camilla

Queen Camilla remains wary of husband King Charles’ health despite his clear signs of recovery.

Speaking to GB News, royal commentator Rafe Heydel-Mankoo reflected on the 75-year-old monarch’s latest slew of engagements since his return to public duties following a period of treatment for cancer.

He pointed out the Queen Consort’s latest remarks on Charles’ health at a joint engagement, where she suggested he’d be “getting much better” had he been “behaving himself.”

Heydel-Mankoo shared of her comments: "The Queen has said that if he behaved better, he'd be improving far more rapidly.

"I think she might be a bit stressed at the number of activities he's done I mean, just in the last week he went to Middle Wallop in Hampshire to an air base to hand over to Prince William, the colonel in chief of the Army Air Corps.

"He has hosted a garden party for 4000 people from the creative industries,” he continued.

"He's attended a service at Saint Paul's Cathedral for the order of the British Empire, and he made a surprise visit to the Royal Opera House on Thursday, where he seemed to be in very good spirits too.

"So I think we should all take some good heart from His Majesty. This is clear progress,” Rafe added.