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Danielle Radcliffe reflects on 'last-minute' decision at 'Merrily' costar's wedding

Danielle Radcliffe laid bare “nerve-wracking” role at Lindsay Mendez's 2022 wedding

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May 19, 2024
Danielle Radcliffe recalls performing nerve-wracking role at Lindsay Mendezs wedding
Danielle Radcliffe recalls performing 'nerve-wracking' role at Lindsay Mendez's wedding

Danielle Radcliffe recently reflected on his “nerve-wracking” role as Ring Bearer at Merrily costar Lindsay Mendez’s wedding.

Speaking exclusively to Variety at the Drama League Awards on Friday, May 17, the 34-year-old actor said he took the role at last-minute.

Radcliffe said: “I was like ‘Oh, man, now I’ve got responsibility at this wedding, and I have to not screw it up. I have to not drop the rings in Central Park and lose them.’”

He then quipped: “But it was all fine. It was good.”

For the unversed, Mendez tied the knot with actor J. Alex Brinson on April 2022 in New York City.

During the ceremony, another Merrily costar Jonathan Groff served as the officiant.

Opening up about his experience, Groff told the outlet: “To be officiating Lindsay’s wedding as she’s embarking on this journey with her husband and Dan [Radcliffe] there as the ring bearer within this moment of Merrily really was so special.”

Mendez also expressed excitement over her costars attendance in her wedding.

She told PEOPLE: "They were with me right when I started dating my husband and have been with me through a lot of just that season of my life and always were rooting for us.

“And they're uncles to my daughter, and it wouldn't have been the same without them.”

Mendez couldn’t help but glee, adding: "It was so special to have them part of it.”