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Jennifer Lopez determined to 'win over' Ben Affleck amid marital woes

Jennifer Lopez ‘to have this fairy tale ending with Ben, at any cost’ as Affleck may give up

By Web Desk
May 19, 2024
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck dealing with problems 

Jennifer Lopez will do anything to make things between her and husband Ben Affeck right, even if both of them deal with the problems differently.

A source close to the couple told The Sun that JLo. 54, has been trying her best to settle things with Affleck, but the actor has a different approach.

"When Ben's having a problem, you can see it all over his face and he does want to talk about it and hash it out, but it can be exhausting,” the insider told the outlet.

"That's not the world Jennifer lives in most of the day. She's all about winning, not pain, and she's still determined to have this fairy tale ending with Ben, at any cost."

Talking about the photographs and public image, the insider says that "the bottom line is that she [Lopez] can fake it and he [Affleck] can't."

"When he's falling apart, everybody around him knows and everybody faces a loyalty test if they're not comforting and consoling him," the source added.

"He's genuinely grateful for his sobriety and I don't think he's falling off the wagon again anytime soon.”

They further added, "But he's still got the weight of the world hanging over his shoulders every day and Jennifer doesn't, despite the recent bad fortune with her tour and new music. She doesn't 'do' misery, at least not around the people closest to her."