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King Charles winning his battle with cancer

King Charles receiving delightful update on his health from his medical team

By Web Desk
May 18, 2024

King Charles III, who's extensively partaking in royal engagements despite undergoing cancer treatment, is seemingly receiving delightful update on his health from his medical team.

The 75-year-old monarch, who returned to public-facing duties on April 30 after receiving a green light from his doctors, is emerging victorious in his battle with cancer as he looks healthy, happy and relaxed during his recent outings.

Last week, the King hosted a garden party for 7,000 people at Buckingham Palace, and on Monday he visited an army base for an emotional joint engagement with his son, Prince William - where he handed over a key military role to him.

The King also appeared in high spirits as he attended a service at Saint Paul's Cathedral for the order of the British Empire, and he made a surprise visit to the Royal Opera House on Thursday, where he entertained the performers with his delightful stunt.

Royal commentator Heydel-Mankoo, speaking on GB News, said: "The Queen has said that if he behaved better, he'd be improving far more rapidly.

"I think she might be a bit stressed at the number of activities he's done."

However, he went on admitting: "I think we should all take some good heart from His Majesty. This is clear progress."

Body language expert Judi James also appeared to be agreed that the King is showing sighs of improvement as she explained to the outlet: "We are now treated to a more relaxed and openly emotional man. Charles’s face is now wreathed in smiles of authentic happiness and even gratitude at not just meeting people but also having some bonds of sharing and empathy with them too, now."

The palace has also announced that the King will travel to France next month on his first overseas trip since his cancer diagnosis.

All these developments suggest as the King is confident to win his battle, and would soon share the delightful news about his full recovery.