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Billie Eilish's team requests final approval for Los Angeles Magazine shoot

Billie Eilish's album drop shadows by Magazine shoot drama amidst 'Hit Me Hard And Soft' release

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May 18, 2024
Billie Eilishs magazine shoot sparks tension over alleged artistic control demands.
Billie Eilish's magazine shoot sparks tension over alleged artistic control demands.

Photographer Shayan Asgharnia has reportedly cut ties with Los Angeles magazine following claims that the publication allowed Billie Eilish's team to exercise final approval over her cover story. 

According to sources, the decision deeply upset the photographer, prompting him to withdraw his name from the finished product and terminate his association with the magazine entirely.

In an email correspondence with The Daily Beast, Los Angeles magazine's Editor-in-Chief, Shirley Halperin, confirmed that Asgharnia requested the removal of his credit from the December shoot as it went to press, though she indicated uncertainty regarding the reasons behind his decision. 

Halperin clarified that while the magazine collaborated closely with the superstar's team for the shoot, such involvement is typical when working with major talent.

The Editor-in-Chief refuted claims that Billie Eilish or her team had final approval or creative control over the cover shoot, as reported by The Daily Beast

Eilish's representative for described the cover as a "unique collaboration" and denied assertions of final approval.

However, a source disclosed that the magazine's decision to grant the singer's team final approval without prior consultation left photographer Shayan Asgharnia displeased. 

The insider alleged that during the shoot, Eilish's publicist attempted to assert control over the artistic direction before ultimately demanding approval over the final photos.

Akili Ramsess, the executive director for the National Press Photographers Association, weighed in on the matter, stating that the incident represents a breach of industry standards. 

Ramsess emphasized the importance of hiring a photographer based on their specific talents and skills, which can strain the relationship between the photographer and the magazine.