Friday June 21, 2024

King Charles makes royal family 'worried' with major move, avoiding Buckingham Palace warning

Queen Camilla is 'afraid King Charles is doing too much' as he returns to public duties amid his cancer treatment

By Web Desk
May 18, 2024
 Buckingham Palace also issued warning that the King would not be fully engaged in royal duties this summer

King Charles's decision not to rest during his cancer treatment has raised concerns within the royal family, particularly among his caring wife, Queen Camilla.

Initially, when King Charles started his cancer treatment, his medical team advised him to refrain from public engagements. 

However, as he showed positive progress, this advice was reconsidered, and he was permitted to resume some public royal duties, albeit with his schedule being managed on a case-by-case basis.

Despite Buckingham Palace's warning that the King would not be fully engaged in royal duties this summer, Charles has already immersed himself in his work once again. This has led Queen Camilla to express concern that he may be overexerting himself, according to a source. 

However, despite her apprehensions, it appears that the monarch is not inclined to slow down anytime soon.

The friends of the Royal Family, speaking anonymously to the Daily Beast, claimed that Camilla has been so concerned she has encouraged her husband to take it slow as he gets back to public duties amid his continuing cancer treatment.

"She has been trying to encourage him to slow down," the source is reported as saying. "Of course, he wants to keep cracking on, but she is afraid that doing too much could set him back."

However, other sources speaking to the publication claimed that despite Camilla's concern, Charles isn't likely to heed her advice and is determined to make as much impact during his reign as possible. "There is no sign of him easing off the accelerator. If anything, he is even more determined to pack as much in as he can," claimed one source.

Another is reported as noting, "Of course he should slow down but, as anyone who knows him will tell you, he is not going to. He spent 70 years as the first in line to the throne, and he is determined to do the job as best he can for whatever time remains to him.

"It's a worry for everyone because he has made no secret of the fact that he still has cancer and is still getting treated for it, but I think he wants to raise awareness of the reality that cancer is something that a lot of people live with and make the best of. Morale is a huge factor when you have cancer, and he is making the best of it in his own way. Being king is what he was born to do."

Camilla has been pretty open about her concern for her husband, on a recent royal visit to Sussex noting that Charles is "getting better" but adding jokingly to a member of the public: "Well, he would be [getting better] if he behaved himself."