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Jennifer Lopez reveals 'adorable' moniker for teen Emme

Jennifer Lopez shares twins Emme and Max with former husband Marc Anthony

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May 18, 2024
Jennifer Lopez reveals adorable name for child Emme

Jennifer Lopez recently revealed an adorable name for her child Emme in a heartfelt post on Mother’s Day.

JLo, who is a mom to twins Emme and Max, posted a carousel of photos and videos from over the years. 

Meanwhile, the montage featured the twins, growing from toddlers to teenagers in the blink of an eye.

She posted the latter alongside a sweet caption that read: "Thank you for giving me the privilege and gift to be your mother. The most beautiful blessing of my life. Every day I wake up and think what I can do to be a better mother to you.”

"I ask God to instinctually let me be able to feel what you need in every moment so I can guide you and love you in every way that I can, so I can show you by example what it is to be a loving, caring, conscious, good human to yourself and others."

However, Lopez revealed the name she calls Emme later in the post, adding: "Lulu and Max, I am here FOREVER to support you, encourage you, to remind you of your greatness of your goodness and your limitless capability. You. Can. Do. Anything.”

The actress expressed infinite love for the two, leaving fans completely awestruck.

For the unversed, Jennifer shares twins Emme and Max with former husband Marc Anthony.