Saturday June 22, 2024

Bad Bunny, Kendall Jenner's relationship status, 'They're having fun’

Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny are hinting at a patch up after on and off split rumours

By Web Desk
May 18, 2024

Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny, and things between them doesn’t seem to be as bad as the work around the corner has been claiming.

"Kendall and Bad Bunny are still in contact and spend time together when they can," a source told Entertainment Tonight.

"There's a strong connection between them whenever they're together and they have the same chemistry that they've always had."

The two were last seen getting close while enjoying at a 2024 Met Gala after-party on May 6, igniting rumours that the 28-year-old supermodel and 30-year-old musician have settled the romance between them.

"They're having fun for now, but are hoping to figure things out in a way that makes sense," the insider shared with the publication.

"They're not necessarily back together or an exclusive item, but there is definitely still a vibe between them. Neither of them feels any pressure and appreciate that they can enjoy space when they want. It's casual, easy, and comfortable between them."

Kendall and Bad Bunny parted their ways back in December after not even dating for a full year.

A source told at that time, "Kendall and Bad Bunny have been doing their own things lately and things slowly started to fizzle out between them."

"They both knew going into this that it likely wouldn't be a forever type of relationship and that was mutually understood from the get-go," the insider continued. 

"They have crazy busy schedules and know they're still young and have a lot more to experience individually before settling down."