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Kevin Costner's epic return into 'An American Saga' leaves viewers awestruck

Kevin Costner's $100M investment unveiled in 'An American Saga' trailer

By Web Desk
May 18, 2024
Kevin Costners character faces off against Jamie Campbell Bower.
Kevin Costner's character faces off against Jamie Campbell Bower.

In the midst of real-life drama, a blood-pumping new trailer for the movie series Horizon: An American Saga has been unveiled, featuring Hollywood veteran Kevin Costner in a leading role. 

The sneak peek arrives amidst reports of Costner's departure from Yellowstone, with conflicting schedules attributed to his commitment to Horizon, a project he has long been passionate about. 

He not only stars in the series but also serves as its director, co-writer, and producer.

Within Horizon, Kevin portrays the character of Hayes Ellison, a gun-slinging pioneer navigating perilous terrain in pursuit of a fresh start, all while confronting adversaries along the journey. 

The searing new trailer offers glimpses of Ellison's journey through the Old West, spanning the tumultuous period of the Civil War and its aftermath. 

Hayes Ellison, portrayed by Kevin Costner, encounters Caleb Sykes, played by Jamie Campbell Bower, who emerges as his formidable adversary. 

Sykes, with his menacing demeanor, questions Ellison's presence in the territory, hinting at the dangers that lurk within. 

Against the backdrop of ominous warnings, scenes unfold revealing a desolate church, a town ravaged by fire, and a thrilling carriage pursuit fraught with gunfire.

With over 150,000 acres ripe for claiming, Horizon represents a beacon of hope for Ellison, a place where he envisions a new beginning.

Danny Huston's character, Colonel Houghton of the Union Army, underscores the significance of series as one of the last remaining open spaces, implying its value amidst the changing landscape of the frontier.