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Diddy reportedly seen chasing and assaulting Cassie in hotel corridor

Security footage reveals Diddy's alleged violent confrontation with Cassie in hotel incident

By Web Desk
May 18, 2024
Attorney slams Diddys actions as disturbing and predatory after Cassies stand.
Attorney slams Diddy's actions as 'disturbing and predatory' after Cassie's stand.

Recently surfaced surveillance footage has shed light on a disturbing incident involving Diddy, also known as Sean Combs, allegedly assaulting his former girlfriend Cassie in a Los Angeles hotel back in 2016. 

The video, obtained by CNN, depicts the rapper, shirtless and clad only in a towel, pursuing Cassie down a hallway at the InterContinental Hotel in Century City.

In the footage, Diddy is seen forcefully grabbing Cassie by the back of her head as she attempts to enter an elevator, slamming her to the ground. 

He proceeds to kick her while she remains motionless on the floor, seizing the two designer bags she was carrying. 

Diddy then stands over her, delivers another kick, and proceeds to drag her back to their room by her hoodie. 

Cassie later alleged in a lawsuit, which has since been settled, that he paid the hotel $50,000 for the footage following the assault."

Despite the shocking incident captured on surveillance footage, both were seen publicly together just two days later, walking hand in hand on the red carpet for the premiere of The Perfect Match. 

In response to the released footage, Cassie's attorney, Douglas Wigdor, issued a statement to today, condemning Diddy's actions as 'disturbing and predatory.' 

He praised Cassie's bravery in coming forward and shedding light on the incident. 

He had filed a lawsuit against Combs last year, accusing him of rape and other offenses. 

The lawsuit was settled out of court in November, with the terms of the settlement remaining undisclosed.