Sunday May 19, 2024

Travis Kelce defends viral boomer moment at Taylor Swift’s Paris concert

Travis Kelce was caught recording his girlfriend Taylor Swift with the flash on during her ‘Eras Tour’ show

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May 16, 2024
Travis Kelce attended the fourth and final ‘Eras Tour’ show in Paris on May 12

Travis Kelce is completely lovestruck with girlfriend Taylor Swift, and he doesn’t care who knows it.

During the Kansas City Chiefs star's attendance at Swift's Eras Tour, fans spotted him capturing videos of her performance.

On this week’s episode of his podcast New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce, Travis’ brother Jason playfully teased him for filming with the flash on.

"You got caught pulling an Ed Kelce move here, taking a video with your flash on," Jason joked. "What are you doing, Trav? You're supposed to be better than this."

Travis explained it was due to his phone's camera settings in the dark stadium.

"If it's dark, it's going to automatically put the flash on," he said, further defending himself, "I was just trying to get some good video, some good memories. I don't give a damn."

But his older brother still wouldn’t let him live down his goofy antics, as he teased again, “You probably got a great video. The flash makes a big difference.”

Travis responded, “Did I get clowned for that? Sorry.”

Travis Kelce defends viral boomer moment at Taylor Swift’s Paris concert

Swift made several nods to Travis during the Paris concert on May 12, which was her 87th show of the Eras Tour, matching Kelce’s jersey number.

During the 1989 segment, Swift wore Chiefs' colors in a gold crop top and red skirt. She also performed So High School, believed to be about her relationship with Travis, and The Alchemy, filled with football references, during her acoustic set.