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Andre Garfield's new partner Dr. Kate, sells wales cottage for london move

Andrew Garfield’s dating rumours filling around

By Web Desk
May 16, 2024
Andrew Garfield hand in hand with her runoured girlfriend.
Andrew Garfield hand in hand with her runoured girlfriend. 

Andrew Garfield's new relationship has prompted his girlfriend, Dr. Kate Tomas, to put her Welsh country cottage on the market.

Garfield known for his role as Spider-Man, is dating Dr. Tomas a 'professional witch' and spiritual healer.

The couple was recently seen together in Los Angeles.

Locals have grown accustomed to seeing Garfield in the tranquil mid-Wales village where she runs a spiritual healing center.

Garfield's black turbo-charged Land Rover is a familiar sight outside her Grade II listed cottage, now listed for sale at £420,000, who holds a doctorate in philosophical theology, has shared with friends her plans to relocate to London.

This move aims to be closer to the BAFTA-winning actor and to facilitate her work.

Local farmer David Evans expressed regret over Tomas's impending departure, stating, "It's a shame, she hasn't lived here long but we will be sorry to lose her. I've never heard anything bad about her."

Evans noted that Garfield and Tomas have been spotted attending the village church on Sundays and appear to have made many friends.

"You always know when he's here because his posh Land Rover is parked outside," he added.

Rumors of departure have circulated in the village for some time.

Another villager remarked, "This must be one of the quietest places in Wales, so to see a Hollywood film star here is quite something.

They seem to be very happy and they're always holding hands when you see them together