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Queen Camilla's pal defies King Charles, Prince William to defend Harry

Queen Camilla's friend claims Prince William 'preventing' King Charles from reconciling with Harry

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May 16, 2024
Camillas pal claims Prince William preventing King Charles from reconciling with Harry
Camilla's pal claims Prince William 'preventing' King Charles from reconciling with Harry

Queen Camilla's pal has raised eyebrows as he defied King Charles to defend Prince Harry, sparking reactions from social media with his shocking claims about senior royals.

Petronella Wyatt, who first met Camilla in the late 1980s, has urged both King Charles and his heir William to embrace Prince Harry putting rift a side amid ongoing crisis within the family.

Wyatt penned a column in The Daily Telegraph arguing: "The Windsors are in grave need of some pizazz."

The writer appears suggesting the royals to end their rift to put on a united front to save the monarchy, claiming: "Whether we like it or not, the Sussexes' Nigerian tour has been a triumph and I cannot help but feel that a visible reconciliation between William and Harry would strengthen the unity of the House of Windsor and reassure the public of its commitment."

Defending Harry, Wyatt went on: "It is easy to blame him and his puerile book for the continuing rift with his father and brother, but some courtiers of my acquaintance hold William equally liable.

The writer even alleged William is stopping the King from reconciling with Harry, claiming: "A former courtier had told her it was William who was preventing King Charles from reconciling with Harry, but that the Prince of Wales was exhibiting "mildly pathological" disgruntlement.

The call triggered a debate on on social media among supporters of the Sussexes, subscribing to the view that the couple are living their best lives in California and were lucky to get out when they did.

"1. lol. They did too well in Nigeria. 2. It's interesting that all these articles are written with William, not Charles, as the subject," wrote one fan in reaction.

Another adds: "'Time to bring Harry home.' They still talk about Harry like he's a child. Adults get to decide where they live. You don't get to "bring" them anywhere."