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Lee Majors is all praise for Ryan Gosling while filming 'Fall Guy' movie

Ryan Gosling and Lee Majors share good vibes on the movie set

By Web Desk
May 16, 2024
Lee Majors gushes over Ryan Gosling while filming Fall Guy movie
Lee Majors gushes over Ryan Gosling while filming Fall Guy movie

Ryan Gosling and Lee Majors give good vibes to each other while filming Fall Guy mid-credits cameo.

Ryan’s new movie adaptation of Lee’s hit series about a stuntman, directed by David Leitch and written by Drew Pearce, filmed a late scene in which the latter and his Fall Guy co-star Heather Thomas appear as law enforcement to arrest the villains of the story.

Gushing over Barbie actor, Lee told PEOPLE, "You can't help but be friends with him."

"I think we gave off really good vibes between each other. We're both kind of laid back," remarked the 85-year-old.

Lee stated, "I would say Ryan is cool. He kept saying I was cool, so I guess we were cool."

The Six Million Dollar Man actor mentioned that the "scene’s mid-credits placement meaning a lot of people are starting to get up and leave".

"When I was doing The Fall Guy, I liked to put humour in there whenever I could... And that came through, a lot of humour in this movie. It's an action movie, but it has a love story that threads all the way through," explained Lee.

Elsewhere in the interview, the Renegades actor praised the dynamic between Ryan and Fall Guy movie female co-star Emily Blunt.

"It was just fantastic. It was mesmerizing just watching them," mentioned Lee.

Meanwhile, Lee also appreciated Ryan's efforts to perform stunts in the movie despite having the help of his stunt performers team.

"Having done the series, I know that any time a stuntman does the job — maybe jumping through a window or something — you still got to do a little bit of the landing, so they can cut to you. And those are not easy chores to do, and you can tell Ryan did a lot of that stuff," he added.