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Super Gran actor Gudrun Ure breathes her last at 98

Gudrun Ure died at her home in London

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May 15, 2024
Gudrun Ure dies at 98
Gudrun Ure dies at 98

Super Gran actor Gudrun Ure died at the age of 98 at her home in London.

The late legend’s death was confirmed by her niece in a statement that read: "She had a very memorable voice. I remember my husband was watching Casualty one night, and I went 'that's Gudrun' as soon as I heard the voice."

Ure, who was born in Milton of Campsie in 1926, acted at the Edinburgh festival at the Children’s Theatre in 1951.

In addition, she was best known for her stint as Super Gran in the popular 1980s’ ITV children’s series.

Fans flooded the social media giant X, formerly known as Twitter, sharing their condolences online.

Mourning Ure’s death, one user penned: "Sad news coming in that Supergran AKA Gudrun Ure has passed away at the grand old age of 98."

While another chimed in, adding: "So sad to hear the news about Gudrun Ure. I was very young when this came out, but I loved Supergran. What a star."

A third wrote: "Sad news. RIP Supergran. That theme tune is iconic! #Supergran."