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Kate Middleton forced to make surprising decision on Prince Louis birthday

Prince William, Kate Middleton make major decision on Prince Louis sixth birthday

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April 23, 2024
Kate Middleton forced to remain silent on Prince Louis birthday
Kate Middleton forced to remain silent on Prince Louis' birthday

Prince William and Kate Middleton, who finally shared  their youngest child Prince Louis' picture on his big day, were reportedly in a fix about continuing with the tradition.

The Prince and Princess of Wales, who lately released the photo, were initially not in favour of sharing it due to last photoshop scandal, according to a royal commentator.

Kate and William made the decision at the eleventh hour to release the youngster royal's photo. The couple reportedly also took King Charles III into confidence before releasing the photo.

Kate Middleton forced to make surprising decision on Prince Louis birthday

Kinsey Schofield shared her thoughts on the couple's surprising move, saying: "I do think that people might be a little bit disappointed."

Kate Middleton and William usually share the birthday photos of their kid ahead of his big day and later responded to the comments from their fans with thanks.

She defended the couple's decision in conversation with GB News, adding: "I don’t think it’s unfair if the Prince and Princess of Wales decide to set new boundaries after what they experienced at the beginning of 2024."

Schofield appeared to claim that Kate was forced to keep silent as she tried to explain the possible reason in her words: “I think that they were disappointed with the online speculation about what was going on and how some of those conspiracy theories translated onto mainstream media."

She continued: "I think that was frustrating for them and they just might be setting some new rules that we’re going to have to abide by."

She added: "We did hear from sources last month that they did intend to release a photo of Prince Louis."

 Kate Middleton was heavily criticised over the photoshopped photo and it might just not be a priority this time around, according to the commentator.

However, she revealed Princess Kate stayed up all night to bake the cake and joked as she really enjoys this tradition and loves the look on their faces when they wake up the next morning.