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Sydney Sweeney slammed by her producer: ‘She can’t act’

Sydney Sweeney answered the producer showing of her assets

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April 23, 2024
Sydney Sweeney slammed by her producer: ‘She can’t act’
Sydney Sweeney slammed by her producer: ‘She can’t act’

Actress Sydney Sweeney was contacted a few days ago regarding some regrettable remarks producer Carol Baum had made to her during a Dead Ringers 1988 screening.

They stated that "I don't understand Sydney Sweeney. I was watching this film, With Everyone But Me, on the plane because I wanted to see it, to know who she is," the interviewee said, making it clear that the production was "an unwatchable film", while leaving the leading lady with the harshest criticism:

"Explain this girl to me. She's not pretty, she can't act. Why is she so good?" Baum added.

Baum's derogatory comments have already prompted a forceful reply from Sweeney's reps, who expressed dissatisfaction with the producer's actions.

"How sad that a woman in a position to share her knowledge and experience would choose to attack another woman. If that is what she has learned in her decades in the industry and feels it is appropriate to teach her students that way, it is disgraceful. To unfairly disparage a fellow producer speaks volumes about Ms. Baum's character," the publication says.

To date, Sweeney has showed little regard for the opinions of those who despise her. However, the actress released some images this past weekend while having a great time in Mexico, which have been taken as a reaction to the backlash she has been receiving lately. a sweatshirt bearing a special message for them.

The message reads: "Sorry for having big b**bs and right opinions".