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Prince Harry accused of hypocrisy amid harrowing claims

Prince Harry dubbed hypocrite after accusing Royal family over 'betraying silence'

By Web Desk
April 23, 2024
Prince Harry accused of hypocrisy amid harrowing claims

Prince Harry has been in the headlines for a new controversy which seems to raise eyebrows over his questionable silence.

The Duke of Sussex, who served as president for charity African Parks since 2017 before being promoted to the board last year, has been silent on the harrowing claims surrounding his charity, noted royal commentator, Daniela Elser in

In a report published by the Times, African Parks (AP) guards allegedly had beaten and tortured local communities in Zambia, including using a torture method called ‘the Swing.’

AP has said that van Beemen is biased and that Entrepreneurs is “deeply flawed,” according to the Times.

However, the report said that this is not a matter of an isolated case but “dozens of incidents of alleged abuse from interviews conducted with victims and those who claim to have perpetrated the abuse, including existing and former African Parks staff.”

Elser noted that Harry has not responded to the disturbing claims, explaining that his “silence” speaks volumes as he has been renowned to “use his voice to call out the wrongs that have been done to he and wife Meghan the Duchess of Sussex.”

Harry previously dubbed the Royal Family lack of comments on its relationship with the British press as “silence is betrayal.”

Elser stated that now, Harry has been silent on these claims, it appears to reflect on is hypocrisy.

“Not even a three-line statement to the press saying he found the fresh claims highly concerning if proven to be true,” she wrote.