Saturday May 25, 2024

Paris Hilton meets another Paris Hilton in trippy ad

Paris Hilton’s ad video recently went viral, showcasing the original influencer meet an AI version of herself

By Web Desk
April 22, 2024
Paris Hilton meets her AI version in a new ad

Paris Hilton's ad video recently went viral, showcasing the original influencer meeting an AI and future versions of herself.

In the video, the star could be seen debating on what the iconic Tan Luxe tagline should be, coming up with something just as memorable as her popular 'That’s Hot' saying.

To viewers’ surprise, AI Paris sported the same outfit worn by Paris on her hit reality show.

According to Chuck Hayward and Glenn Boozan, the tone of the ad is, "Barbie meets Bond," capturing the mentioned essence throughout.

Paris took the video to her Instagram, alongside a caption that read: "Welcome to the future of self-tanning. As the queen of being bronze, I wanted to launch something groundbreaking – a tan that lasts even longer, looks even hotter and is fab for your skin. I partnered with @tan_luxe, the only tanning brand I trust to create The Future Airbrush 360 Self-Tan Mist. The hottest tan on the market that keeps your skin healthy and fresh? #ThatsHot."

Fans were quick to leave comments under her post, praising the concept shown in the video.

One user commented: "That’s so hot omg obsessed with the video and everything you doing."

While another gushed: "Sliving for this omg Paris! Always flawless!"

Meanwhile, a third added: "This is so genius!"